A Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Limousine & Party Bus Trip

Time Reserved:

Always reserve a little extra time for your trip. Stretch limousines and buses do not zip around town as your family car does, whatever time it takes you to get to each destination normally, it might be a little longer due to the nature in which a limo transports their passengers, our limousines and party buses always travel at speeds that are about 5-10 MPH under the posted speed limits and often have to take alternate routes to avoid sharp turns, high railroad tracks and other issues that a standard vehicle may be fine with.
Also, time blocks are reserved and entered into the system as set up contracts, oftentimes we have back to back trip reservations where we must go from one client to another. If you think you may need extra time its always a good idea to make your reservation reflect that possible extra time so you know it will be available. The option to extend your trip is only there if there is no other reservation after it. If someone books a reservation right after yours the option to extend your trip may not be an option.

limo transfer

Hot Months:

During the summer months when the temps get hot we do have a few pointers on keeping the vehicle cool and comfortable.

  • Quick Loading – Load the limo quickly and shut the door. When we arrive for pick up we will have the AC on high on the way to your pickup location and the temperature at a comfortable level. However during the loading process while the doors are open it only takes a minute for all the cold air to get out and the passenger area to get hot. If you load quickly and keep the door shut while no one is entering it will help to maintain the climate and make for a better passenger experience.
  • Keep Blinds Closed – If you are on the Party Bus on a hot day it is best to keep all the blinds down. Open window blinds let in sunlight that will heat the interior rapidly and increase the inside temperature by as much as 10 degrees.
  • Don’t Overload – Never overload the vehicle, the more passengers you have inside the cabin the higher the temperature will be. If you fill a limo or party bus to maximum capacity on a hot day the inside cabin temperature will rise higher and the AC system may take longer to cool the area.
  • Get Moving – Remember that the AC systems in extended vehicles are controlled by the engine, therefore sitting idle will produce less AC output that driving on the interstate when the AC pump is at full RPMs.

Items to Bring:

You can make your trip trouble-free by planning on some of the things you may need or just to make the experience better. Here is a list of a few recommended items you may consider bringing.

  • Phone Cords – A cord to charge your phone during the trip or an audio cord to plug into the onboard stereo system to play music through your phone is always a great idea.
  • Ice & Drinks – All our limousines and party buses have bar areas with ice bins. You can make your event that much more enjoyable by stocking the bar areas with your favorite drinks. Adult beverages are welcome aboard as long as everyone is over 21 and has a proper ID. NOTE that we can provide ICE and bottled water pre-stocked for an extra fee, just ask about that at the time of reservation.
  • Camera – There will be many photo opportunities in the limo or party bus during your charter.
  • Champagne – There’s nothing like sipping champagne in the back of a limousine. This also makes a great Facebook profile photo.
  • Cash – Always have cash on hand. You want everything to be perfect and no time wasted on unnecessary stuff, oftentimes we have taken clients to the ATM because the bar they are visiting had an issue with their credit card or the card reader was down at the restaurant. Also tipping the waitress, hotel bellboy and your limo driver with cash make things so much easier.
iced water on bar

Extra Add-ons:

Derby City Limousines has a few add-on options for your reservation that could make your trip even more enjoyable. Here are a few things we can add-on at an additional charge to improve your experience.

  • The Red Carpet Experience – Want the red carpet rolled out when you get in the limousine? You can add this royal treatment and make the event photos look awesome with a red carpet. This is the one to get if you want to show your group the red carpet treatment. Great add-on for weddings!
  • Stocked Bar with Ice & Beverages – We can load the bar area with ice and your favorite beverages by request for a small fee, the driver will stop before he gets to your pickup location and get everything set up and ready to enjoy. NOTE that we can NOT provide alcoholic beverages of any kind.
  • Event Photos – Have that special event or night out captured in pictures! Our Chauffeur will take photos of your event inside the limo and out. These Digital Photos can be emailed or downloaded (playable on any computer). We will make you famous by sharing these photos on our social media pages! Photos are taken in and around the vehicle only.
  • Preloaded Music – Do you have a playlist or favorite artist you want playing when you get in the limo and during your trip? We can have the music waiting in the vehicle when you get in. We will provide you with this service and save you time and worries. Great for long trips or to start the party with the right tunes. Of course, you can always bring your own if you like. Advance notice required

Avoid Extra Charges:

Most trips go without any extra charges at all and we do NOT like to apply them. However, there are instances where we do charge for extra clean up or accidental damage. We do understand that while a good time is being had and everyone is drinking and enjoying the environment that accidents do happen, if spills do accrue by you or your guests inside the cabin we are not mad or upset about it, but we do want our garage cleanup personal to be compensated for their extra work. A few examples are as follows.

  • Drink Spills – There are drink glass holders located throughout every vehicle and should make for an easy to use experience. Drink spills are sticky, messy, and hard to clean. Be sure to ask all passengers to be careful with their drinks onboard. You are responsible for everyone in your party.
  • Messy Food – Unlike some companies, we do allow food in the passenger cabin. We are fine with you enjoying the ride while eating snacks along the way. Sandwichs & hotdogs work out great with respectful passengers. Some foods to avoid are those that are messy, greasy, or have odors. Some examples are potato chips, most of the time the chips end up on the floor and are greasy & hard to clean up. Avoid seafood, the odor of seafood is hard to remove and makes clean up very difficult.
  • Body Glitter – The cleanup crew hates body glitter! This is one of the hardest cleanups because that stuff gets everywhere. If you want to avoid extra cleanup fees please advise your guests not to bring body glitter onboard.
  • Onboard Damages – We know that accidents do happen, even the most respectful clients can accidentally damage property. When you have drinking and dancing with a large group we understand that accidents may happen. If our property is damaged in any way we will bill you for that damage to be repaired.

Other Recommendations:

Here are just a few other recommendations we like to give all our clients.

  • Music Playlist – Make a music playlist in advance on your smartphone! You won’t spend your limo time searching for music if you already have it cued up and ready to play.
  • Detailed Itinerary – If at all possible provide a detailed itinerary to the booking agent before the trip. If the driver knows exactly where you are going and when they can plan the route and will not bother you with address or location directing at each stop.
  • Check the Weather – Knowing what the weather will be like on your trip may help prepare you if there is rain, extreme heat, or any unexpected severe weather conditions such as the possibility of a storm that may affect your limo ride experience. Bringing a change of clothes or an umbrella might save the day.