Hourly Charter

The most simple and common way to book a limo is with hourly charter rates. Just call and book and be billed for how much you use.
95% of all charters are booked by the hour. On local Louisville area charters, your time will start at the first pickup location and end on the last drop off. If you are over 1 hour or more outside the Louisville area you can still make an hourly reservation however your time would start when we leave our home garage and end on return the garage at the end of the charter.

An example of making an hourly reservation would be as follows, If you need a limousine for a party of 8 to go to a dinner reservation downtown at 7 pm and want to return to the pickup location right after dinner you could reserve our Icon Towncar limousine from 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm.

Most have a 3-hour minimum
Contract required
Advance notice recommended

Call with any questions

Hourly Service