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Tours and tastings at distilleries focus on specific brands and company histories. Still, there’s a vast amount of information to learn and many sites to be noted between stops which a chauffeur cannot always find time to comment since their primary focus is to operate the bus or limousine safely.

party bus bourbonHowever, with a step-on bourbon tour guide, they can the time to take their eyes and ears off the road to point out notable sites along the way, educate guests on Bourbon basics and talk about Kentucky whiskey-making history.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

There are circumstances where the driver of a small vehicle can safely perform both duties; but with a larger vehicle, it becomes challenging with distance, partitions, seat backs and other items separating driver from passengers. These make it nearly impossible and unsafe for a driver of a large vehicle to also double as a tour guide on the bourbon trail.

Kentucky Bourbon TrailDerby City Limousines has a knowledgeable, fun guide with ten years’ experience conducting Bourbon tours in Kentucky – his home state where he worked a decade as a local newspaper reporter. Because of that experience, the Derby City Limousines Bourbon guide, Bob White, will often know information and background stories relating to central Kentucky that most other drivers and tour guides would not. It also complemented his communication skills with the public-at-large.

bourbon tour guideFor Bob, the real tour occurs between distillery stops. While cruising the back roads, he grew up along and where many famous whiskey brands founded their original operations. Some of the most exciting sites can be found just off the Official Kentucky Bourbon Trail, often not shown on any map or brochure.

bourbon guideHis decade of guiding visitors through Bourbon Country has also provided Bob with knowledge of every distillery. Suppose a destination is closed due to flooding, weather or a worldwide pandemic. In that case, guests have a guide who’s fully capable of filling in for the distillery guides with general information about the site, brand, and history.

bourbon bus tourIf you’d like to make the most of your time being driven around Bourbon Country, adding an experienced, knowledgeable guide to your day is an option with Derby City Limousines. This option is just one of the many add-ons that set us above the rest when it comes to touring the Kentucky distilleries.

Bullet Points Supporting the Add-on of a Tour Guide

  • Safety of Passengers and Driver

  • Knowledge of Off-Trail Sites, Brands, and History

  • Service – Aid Guests in Need of Help, Instruction, or Support While Traveling

  • Experience – Native Kentuckian with Years’ Experience as a Whiskey Guide and Journalist