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We had a very nice lady call in to arrange a trip for her parent’s 50th anniversary; the trip turned out to be one of the most memorable in 2020.
She set up this surprise venture with her siblings and all the grandkids. An anniversary trip to pick them up that Saturday afternoon at the celebrating couple’s favorite restaurant hidden behind the building. Here’s how the limo trip went that day.

blankThe first stop was the place where they met, a local high school; this stop was filled with many stories on how, when, and where they met while they all laughed and had a great time reminiscing with their kids. They showed everyone the exact spot where they first talked, first held hands, and their first kiss. The kids learned a little about Mom & Dad here at their old school.

anniversary limoThe second stop was the location of their first date, this was a place that was long ago converted from a rootbeer & hotdog stand to the current gas station, but the couple still had some great stories from the back seat of the limo as they pointed out how things have changed and the way it used to be sounded like the best place in the world in their memories.

park limoThe third place was a local park where he proposed marriage so many years ago; they walked to the exact location down by the brook and relived the moment holding hands and smiling. Looking around, I noticed that all the children and grandchildren were also smiling; this was a moment they will always remember.

louisville neighborhood limoThe fourth and fifth addresses were just a drive-by and view from the limo; these were the childhood homes of each of them when they were dating. They loved showing the kids where they lived and telling stories of adventure of what their lives were like way back when they were just kids. Everyone was amazed at how they started in life compared to where they are now.

wedding limoThe sixth stop was at the church where they had tied the knot exactly 50 years ago on that day; the daughter had contacted the church ahead of time and arranged to have inside access which turned out great; they were able to go in and take a few photos and recreate the 50-year-old event. This made them so happy to relive one of the happiest days so many years later with their family.

limo houseThe seventh stop was their first house, which was right down the road from the church; we were stopped in front; they were taking some photos from the street when the homeowner came out wondering what was going on, after they explained this was their parents anniversary and this was their first home, the homeowner quickly invited them in for a tour, everyone was so excited to see the inside and how it changed, they talked about this the rest of the night on how much it changed. This was one of the longest stops as they didn’t want to leave. I think they made friends with the current homeowner and got invited back anytime they want. Everyone was so nice and accommodating.

anniversary limoThe eighth and ninth locations were the next 2 houses the couple lived in; the first was where they raised their kids; all the kids had a ton of growing up stories; they named all the neighbors and pointed out houses of childhood friends. I could see the parents smiling and reminiscing as the kids reminded them of how good their childhood was and what a great moment they took photos with their parents.
The tenth stop was the last drop off where they first got picked up, and their favorite restaurant had everything set up for the family’s 50th-anniversary dinner, which is where we parted ways.

limo driverI have often thought about this trip and how cool it was for the kids to do this. Trips like this make you think about life, family, and how fast time will pass us by. This day will always be remembered by everyone there, including me, the chauffeur.

If your parents/grandparents have a milestone anniversary coming up we would love to be a part of making their day extra special. Give us a call for special rates.